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Cap Vacation Rental

The holiday rental insurance in your country of origin or abroad

You are about to pay a deposit for the rental of a villa by the sea, an apartment in a ski resort, a chalet, a campervan: think about getting covered!

Imagine you have to cancel your reservation and lose the deposit paid to the landlord! Even worse, upon arrival your realise that the dream house you booked over the internet does not exist! Or else, you break the glass door and the landlord asks you for €2,000!

With Cap Vacation Rental, you can book your holiday early with peace of mind and fully enjoy the rental property. In case of a problem before the trip, you get your money back. In case of a fraudulent rental or non-conformity of the rental property, don’t panic, we will refund the rental.

If you own a rental property: think about offering this insurance policy to your tenants. It will help settle conflicts that can sometime occur at the end of holiday rental.

Die Garantien

  • “Any reason” cancellation insurance: your deposit will be refunded in case of a sudden, external, unforeseen, justified or out of your control event, stopping you from getting to the rental property.
  • Early termination of the trip: the insurer will refund the unused nights (in case of repatriation)
  • Holiday civil liability up to €1,525,000 (physical injury or property damage) and €2.500 in case of damage to the small furniture belonging to the landlord of the rental property.
  • “Anti-surprise” insurance: it covers you in case of non-conformity of the rental property and against fraudulent rentals: refund of the amount kept by the landlord.

Die Preise

    The insurance premium is calculated on the tax inclusive rental price

Per rental 3% tax inclusive
Minimum premium for the rental property€12

Die Abschlussbedingungen

  • You must subscribe to the policy when you book your rental property. A rental agreement will have to be drawn up between the landlord and the tenant and will come into effect when the deposit is paid.

  • You must reside in Western Europe, in the French overseas departments, in New Caledonia or French Polynesia.
  • The cover maximum duration is 90 days
  • Maximum rental amount: €10,000
  • Maximum number of people per rental: 9 people

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